18 Kasım 2005

ah danisman vah danisman

Bizim danisman gene yapti, prezentasyona 24 saat kala kafasina gore prezentasyon saatini 1 saat geriye almis bizim. Bunu bugun 17:24de bildirdi bize email ile, karsiliginda tokat gibi bu emailimi haketti tabi.

Dear Prof. .......,

From your last email you said that Team24's presentation will start at 5:30

"5:30pm -- Team 24;"

However on your email dated 10.25.2005 you said
"2) The presentation schedule has been confirmed a few weeks ago. Both Dr.

Jennings and I agreed that we are not able to change this confirmed schedule due to reasons such as one committee member can not make it on that day. But again, you should feel free to trade the time slot with other students. The confirmed schedule and order is listed as follows:

Nov 11: 12, 9, 3, 18

Nov 18: 5, 26, 10, 24, 1

Dec 2: 11, 19, 22, 16
So according to that "confirmed" schedule we are the fourth team on Nov.18th. and 4th teams start their presentations at 6:15.

I made arrangements with two of my faculty advisors and one company contact to be present at 6:10 weeks ago and unfortunately I can not change that time right now because you just sent this email on 17:24 17th November and my advisors will not be at their office tomorrow (because it is friday) so there is no way that I can contact them. Same for the company contact.

Therefore I am requesting that we stick to the confirmed schedule and start our presentation at 6:10

With best regards,

Mert Ulas

Oh yarin da cok guzel saat 6:15e dek bekliyecek. Hicbir sey de soyleyemez print edip giderim emailleri. Sigarayi birakiyorum boyle hareketler yapiyorlar bana ya. Sabir...

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